Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken Pot OH MY Pie!

I got a great recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from my friend Marge, so after some tweeking of my own(she makes her own gravy with flour/butter and chicken broth but I cheated, but I think her homemade way would be YUM TOO!) we had these last night and they were very easy to make and scrumptious if I do say so myself! ha It was a 5 out of 5 meal at our house! Meaning all 5 of us liked it! I made two so this is a recipe for two but you could certainly make it for one and half the recipe or freeze the 2nd. one! enjoy!

2 Large Chicken breasts on the bone (I did 3 so I had one for Chicken soup later) but you could certainly use canned (which my friends uses, or Chicken breasts boneless)
2 Cans Cream of Chicken soup
1 bag Frozen carrots
1 C. Frozen corn
1 bag frozen peas
2 Cans sliced white potatoes
1 soup can water
Parsley flakes
4 Pillsbury ready crusts pie crusts

Roast chicken breasts in 3 C. chicken broth(I use water and boullion cubes) with about 2 Tb. Parsley flakes added for 45 mins. - 1 hr. at 375*
Let cool for a few mins. and cut chicken off the bones and chop

In the microwave, place carrots and about 2 T. water and cook on high for about 5 mins. to soften. In a large pan, place two cans of Cream of chicken soup, one can of water and all the veggies(including cooked carrots), and the chicken. Sprinkle in salt/pepper to taste and I ladled in a few scoops of the broth the chicken roasted in. Let this mixture simmer while you get the crusts ready, just about 5 mins. or so.
Place crust into the bottom of two glass pie plates and fill evenly with filling.

Place top crusts on and pinch bottom and top crust together into a fluted edge. Pierce the top a few times to let out the steam.
Bake at 425* about 35 mins. until the top and bottom are nicely browned. Spread a ts. of butter over the top after it comes out of the oven! Let cool about 10 mins. before cutting.....DELISH!! we had plenty leftover for today's lunch too! mmm mmm good stuff especially for winter!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a few more days!!!

Danielle is having several AWESOME give aways over at her blog.......BUT they are ending Sunday so get on over there and check them out!!! Click on her button at the side of my blog!! ENJOY and I hope you win and I hope I win! ha

Comfort foods!

Reposting this since we just had it last night and so many friends have been talking about Goulash!
My friends and I were talking about comfort foods this week and this dish came up in conversation, Goulash! I made it this week....I was amazed in talking about this dish, all the different ways people make theirs....such as using Green Peppers in it (which I'm thinking is NOT a good idea, haha but that's just me right? ha) So here's my rendition, I grew up on this but I have tweeked it a bit which you could too, even with green peppers!
Brown 1 lb. ground Chuck with 2 med. sized onions diced, brown until cooked through.
In the meantime boil just over 1/2 a box of Elbow macaroni, cooked a bit firm. Drain meat, drain pasta.
Add pasta back to pasta pan, add meat mixture and add:
1 large 28 oz can of Petite diced tomatoes (or stewed tomatoes), or Puree
1-15 oz can tomato sauce
1/2 bottle Chili sauce (in the Ketchup aisle usually), OR add a 2nd. can of tomato sauce and 1/4 ts. Chili powder if you don't have Chilli sauce on hand.
I prefer the Chili sauce, it gives it a very sweet/slightly spicy taste.
Add salt and pepper to taste and 1 T. sugar.
Stir together and just heat through about 5 mins.
We always ate this with Peanut Butter bread, not sure why! My dad had many quirky combos like this when we were growing up! ha I usually use just a slice of reg. wheat bread, slather with Jif and pile on a bite of Goulash.....YUM If you can try the peanut butter bread on a loaf of Fresh Ital. bread.....oh baby, but then it defeats the healthy qualities of the recipe! haha I love this leftover!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Give Aways!

Check out this GREAT and fun give away over at Danielle's again!! she's got good give aways going on! This is for Wall cool! Also look for Danielle's button on my blog list for future give aways and she's going to have some cool Valentine give aways she says! fun stuff! Go here to check it out!!

Give Aways!

There's a fun give away at my friend Danielle's blog, check it out and you might win some really cute stuff! Click on her name to go there and check it out!!!

Another weekend....

Another weekend of relaxing.......It was a nice weekend!! This is what we ate Saturday night! It's usually family night and I wanted to make something extra yummy that we all love! I LOVE Hot roast beef sandwiches at a restaurant but believe it or not hardly any of our restaurants in the area have a good one! There's one that has this as their guessed it! SATURDAY NIGHTS! so I thought......I can make that.....and fries with gravy on the side.....Oh baby!!
Make a regular roast in the crock pot with 3 Cups of chicken (or beef) broth
Sprinkle roast with Steak seasoning or season salt
1 Can sliced mushrooms
1/4 C. butter (1/2 Stick)
Salt and pepper to taste
Roast on High for 3 hrs. and then turn to low for at least 2 hrs. (longer if you need it to) but you are going to thicken the gravy and let it simmer on high for the last 1/2 hr.
Remove roast and I put 2 lbs. of peeled carrots in during the last 3 hrs. so remove those too
Place lid on Crock pot and turn back to high
Place 2 T. cornstarch in a mug with about 1/4 C. cold water, stir well and pour into hot liquid in crock pot and stir and place lid on
Shred beef on a plate and add back into gravy for 1/2 hr. Taste the gravy to see if you think it need more salt or pepper at this time as well!
Place a slice of bread (whole wheat of course!) on your plate, and spoon meat/gravy over the top, serve with thick baked fries with gravy! Delish! (forgive this side ways photo, I don't know why it's side ways lol)

We also taught Grace how to play Monopoly! We've been wanting to open the new TARGET Monopoly I got for Christmas so we got a roaring fire going, set up the card table and played......It took a while to play of course but we enjoyed it and Grace was funny having never played before, she was just having a blast gathering all kinds of money and was apprehensive to purchase anything so her pile of money wouldn't dwindle! ha

This what we "WISHED" we were doing......which we have done the last three weeks or so but it was a wet melty mess out there so we did indoor things pretty much! We are a SNOW LOVIN FAMILY!! Oh well......made the best of it and had fun!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Broccolli Cheese Soup!

I made this recipe for Broccoli Cheese soup this week and sort of adapted it from a recipe my sister in law gave me. It was delicious! It was definitely a keeper and I would make it over and over again! It tasted better and better each day! I usually make a pot of soup on Monday's to eat for my lunches during the week! I made this in my crock pot which I love too, pour it in and go!

4 C. milk
2 C. chicken broth
1-16oz jar of Bacon/Cheddar cheese dip (the bacon flavor made the soup!) This is Archer Farms from Target but you could use Bar cheese brand in the cheese section of the grocery store.
1 bag frozen Broccoli
1 C. frozen carrot slices (or fresh)
1 C. frozen corn
1 Can sliced potatoes
1 Can cream of mushroom soup

Pour all ingredients into crock pot, simmer on High for 3 1/2 hrs. or low for the day if necessary!
I love eating my soups with buttered toast so that's what is pictured! Enjoy!

Mike talked me into this "Betty Crocker" pose last week one day when I was making cookie dough.....Leanne got me this Apron for my Birthday last year and it sure comes in handy! So here I am....doing what I do best.....being SILLY! HA you thought I was going to say cooking didn't you? haha I love cooking but I wouldn't say I'm the best at it! ha

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friends, B Days and Cakes!

I have a couple of great friends who have Birthdays this week, Sunday was my friend Leanne's Birthday and today is my great friend Beth's Birthday! Leanne is my "keepin it real" buddy. She helps me see things in the right perspective when I'm "venting" in the wrong perspective haha She is the greatest homeschoolin mama of 6 (She's a hot homeschoolin mama! ha) she is a wonderful Godly woman and wife to Dan! I can call her anytime of day and tell her the dumbest thing and she'll laugh with me...or at me! ha She is a treasure to me and sustaining to my sanity and daily life! She's an inspiration to me to strive to be Godly woman! I love you Leanne!! Hope this year holds MANY blessings for you!!!

Beth is my friend that shares a love for little cute things in life! She's the one who got me the adorable shadow box I posted about a few weeks ago! We share a love for old movies, old music, Lucy and Ricky of course, primitive decorations, and little boys with short cute swept over hair cuts! She loves the Lord, she loves her husband Dan and her two adorable little boys that could easily pass for Little Ricky....actually she could pass for Lucy too....but that's a different story for a different day! haha I love it when her husband Dan calls and asks me to make her Birthday cake and this year he called again! Well I just happened to find these adorable little Vintage Valentine's cupcake picks and I knew she loves Vintage Valentines so I swooped them up! I found this cute little place card holder shaped like a Bow so it would hold the picks! So cute......

Dan brought Beth with him to pick up the cake yesterday which worked out great because I had a gift all wrapped for her so I got to see her squeal over the cake and the gift!! (I bought the same thing for myself but you'll have to wait until Feb. to see it come out!) She's a good squealer over gifts....Dan must love getting her Christmas gifts!! you feel the love let me tell ya! ha So I thought I'd show her cake and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND BETHY! You're a treasured sugar glittered friend and I hope the Lord blesses you richly!!!

This photo is from a Christmas party a year ago and Beth, Leanne and I are the back three gals....Beth is in a White Turtleneck and vest, left of her is Leanne in long blonde hair and me in a black sweater and jeans! You can click on the photo if you really want to see up close and personal like! lol

Monday, January 18, 2010


"The Weekend" that phrase alone can put a bit of pep in your step long about Thursday afternoon when you're tired out from a busy week! You've all gathered by now I love Winter time and snow and all that Wintery stuff.....but I also love the weekends!
In thinking about why I really love Winter AND Weekends so much I realized, none of my kids are in sports right now and our schedule is lighter. The evening seems to come faster since it gets dark earlier so that can create a relaxing feeling too. (I realize sometimes when it's dark earlier it makes me more tired too! ha especially on a Monday). Anyhow....

After we take down our Christmas decorations we leave up our Snowmen and Winter looking decorations and of course we leave lights on everything! ha We love to curl up on the weekends by a fire with just the mantel lights on and we sometimes eat supper downstairs on Saturday's by the fire and my kids just love that!
I was reading in my devotions this week this verse: Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31 WOW even Jesus knew we would need to have a quiet place to get away and rest and I'm glad to try and provide that for Mike and the kids and myself for that matter!
This verse is what I want it to be like for my family! I want to say to them "Come in and make yourselves at home!" I happen to be a mom that loves to cook and bake and I love to see my family sitting down to a good meal and feeling at home, relaxed and most of all "refreshed!" That feeds my soul! I'm so grateful my kids do seem to like being at home and I work to make it as homey as I can!

Practically every Friday night it's "date night" for Mike and I, and often in Winter we will eat at home, getting take out or we'll cook something yummy. Last Friday night we were watching a movie by the fire and I noticed a sign we have on top of our entertainment center that says "LAUGH" and I sat there thinking "I hope that's what our family always does together!" Seeing that sign with the lights softly around it was so cool! I remember buying that sign and hoping it would inspire us all to remember to laugh together as a family! (and maybe for a reminder to ME on those days I'm worn out or when Monday morning rolls around! haha)

It's amazing to me what a few strings of lights, a couple snowmen strewn about and a blazing fire can do to renew and refresh a tired mom and dad, and three cute kids! Can't help but say I'm 'LOVIN MY HOME!'

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beat the Winter Blues give aways!

My friend Danielle at Finally Finding Me is having a cool give away for cool hats, hair accessories and some other cool give aways! Another one is for a cool pair of tights.....and she says she has some good ones coming up in February! Don't forget you can purchase things from these cool websites....I'm thinking about one of the awesome hats I saw. I love Baseball caps, especially for summer days so my hair/head doesn't get too much sun on it....I think I have almost every color baseball cap you can have! haha and this sight she is showcasing has quilted ones that are so cool! SO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES AND CHECK IT OUT......I've won before on her site and there are so many chances to win!!! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Day Book

Women's Daybook
January 13,2010
Outside my window...Snow all around and little finches on my bird feeder that are so adorable! Yesterday I saw a squirrel hanging upside down eating right next to the birds!
I am thinking...about the errands I need to run today. Library DVD's are due, Turkey breast is on sale, we're almost out of T.P! haha
I am thankful for... the power of prayer! I'm in a bible study right now on Tuesdays and we're studying prayer and our Pastor is also doing a 4 week series on prayer! There's a great verse I read yesterday that said to approach His throne with CONFIDENCE....when you think about approaching perhaps the President or a movie star you might not feel to confident so it's humbling to me that God tells me to come with Confidence because He's expecting me!
From the learning rooms...Snow books, Winter Favorite Winter book is Snowflake Bentley, based on a true character. It's about a man who studied snowflakes under a microscope and then went on to take photos of them. He started doing this as a child in the late 1800's and the book gives you little side notes about his life. We love it so much that I finally bought it this week. It's a Caldacott winner as well!
From the Kitchen...Making Oatmeal Raisin cookies later today for a friend who is in the midst of Chemo...tomorrow is her day and I'm bringing dinner and I made her tell me what really sounded good and she wants a really good salad (I'm going to make a great salad with all the trimmings, chicken, dried cranberries, walnuts, Feta....) and she was hungry for Oatmeal Raisin cookies. I'm going to give her some frozen dough balls too so she can pop a few in the oven when she feels like it! Cancer is so awful but this gal has a GREAT BIG faith and her positive attitude (even about losing her hair and getting a good looking wig)...when I visit with her I come away encouraged and I think "I went to encourage her and she encouraged me!"
I am wearing...Track pants and a sweaty t shirt since I just worked out! ha
I am creating...A twig tree that I can hang snowflakes on for Winter and I'm already looking for Hearts to hang on it for Valentine's and February! fun stuff! love decorating!
I am going...To take returns to the library, to Target and the grocery store! Making a new recipe tomorrow for Turkey Breast, they're on sale! will post it if it's yummy!
I am reading...Debbie Macomber books again! ha and Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymballa
I am sit by a fire this afternoon and have some time to read!
I am hearing...Charlie Brown Christmas CD and the clicking of a finished dishwasher!! (I love that sound because it's not MY job to empty it's some kid's turn today! haha)
Around the house...I went around and got things a bit more Tidy this morning so it's not too bad.....Mike's working at home today so it's nice to chat with him a bit and each lunch together!
One of my favorite things...Winter....I have MANY friends who do not like it for some reason but I love it....One of the main reasons is no kids are in sports, the kids are inside more, home more and let's face it.....Winter foods just taste better! haha A great day for me is laying around with a book or magazine listening to relaxing music, drinking tea and watching big Charlie Brown snowflakes falling!! Last Sat. that all happened and it was a great day!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm going to go to the mall tomorrow and use some coupons I have for Gymboree, hoping to get Grace something for her upcoming Birthday in Feb. and I could REALLY use (or I would like might be a better word! haha) a few new sweaters! I tend to wear out sweaters that I love so much.....and Sweatshirts! don't get me started...I have a love relationship with Hoodies! haha Date night Friday night in, we're going to watch a movie and eat of course! ha Sat. a FUN day, meeting my girlfriends at Barnes and Noble (we call ourselves the Sistas ha we've been bosom friends as Anne of Green Gables would say, FOR YEARS!) to celebrate Leanne's B Day and we've threatened to close the place down and we're meeting in the afternoon haha Sat. night is Family Night and we're making Fajitas! and we're trying my new Target Monopoly ! You do know how much I ADORE Target don't you? I did tell you I got it didn't I?? Oh my maybe not!! I have a photo of it too! I might have to add two photos on today!! ha
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...this was a snowstorm we had last year and we're all hoping for another one just like it but it doesn't look like it will be this week so I'll just enjoy what we have for now! Be sure to do your own Daybook, click on the title to go to the Simple Woman's daybook! Have a wonderful snowy day!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


GUESS WHAT WE'RE DOING THIS WEEKEND?? and it's still coming down! lovin it!! This is Grace and I!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Finally we got some snow.....lots of it actually! Grace and I went to the library this week and got a BIG ole load of books about Winter. I googled Winter books and made a long list! This weekend we're going to enjoy reading some Winter books, making some Winter crafts and having Hot Chocolate of course!

Here are three little snowmen the kids made in 2nd. grade. I saved them all from each child. They are made out of an adult sock and one has a baby sock as the hat. The bottom is a jar or can lid you place in the bottom of the sock, then stuff it with batting and then you decorate from there. Their 2nd. grade teacher had them make these each year for a gift to their parents and I love having them out all year! The other photo is a Snowman I bought at the kid's craft fair. It's just a round block of wood painted white and then the possibilities are endless as far as decorating it! This is what I'm thinking about doing this weekend....Going to get some interesting pieces of wood tonight at Hobby Lobby I think and we can all work on a new snow family to add to our Winter decorations!

There's a picture of our snow accumulation so far......the kids (or I should say the girls ha) love to play outside and go sledding....once Jordan gets out there he will play and he enjoys sledding but he isn't so excited to initiate outdoor play in Winter as much as he used to! haha Hope you're all having a great Winter so far.....and if you don't like snow, enjoy it is pretty! haha

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun give aways!

Be sure to join in the Beat the Winter blues at my friends Danielle's website! click on her button to the right of my blog! ENJOY and hope you win!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friends and thoughtful presents!

I stopped over to my good friend Beth's house over the Christmas holiday to drop off a gift to her....see we have this "White Christmas" friendship.....We love old movies, old songs and old "stuff!" She has the most unique house and the most gorgeous eye for decorating and I left her house with a bunch of ideas that are swirling around in my head....Like she put these adorable stripey cloth napkins on the backs of her chairs.....Ok well that's another post......ANYHOW....She has this Shadow box on her kitchen Island that has this adorable little pink sparkly snowy Christmassy scene inside that stopped me in my pink glittered tracks.....Because if you know me at all you know I LOVE things that sparkle! haha That's why I love snow so much I anyhow on with the story......I raved and ooohed and aaahhhed over it .......Well a few nights ago I was laying in bed thinking about the cute napkins wrapped on the chairs idea and then thought of the adorable shadow box which led me to email her later and ask if she bought the box local so I could GET ME ONE TOO......

Well.....she didn't answer me and so tonight I was going to email her and tell her "Hey you missed my question amidst all the goodies we dished about in the email" (She's a hoot to email with) and wouldn't you KNOW???? She shows up at my door today with THIS:

Of course I already filled it....and did I have fun, it was like playing with a dollhouse! I LOVED it and was so glad to find cutie little things to put in it and the ideas I have for future.....Beth fills hers with each holiday or occasion.....I already have a cute ceramic cupcake eyed out at Target for Valentines and then Mike said tonight that I could get a frame that fits it and put the kids pictures in it for their Birthdays......the possibilities are endless! Don't you love it when you get cute gifts that just make ya go "WHAT?.....YOU GOT ME THIS?" adorable.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

To everything there is a season.....

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. 1 Cor. 14:33
Well it's winter, and it's usually when I delve into deeper cleaning and organizing! There's always a "buzz" about being healthy, being fit and getting organized so it is an encouragement to get moving on stuff! But it's the stuff I DISLIKE!! HA
Books! it's not at all that I dislike books, I LOVE books and I love's finding as much time to read as I would like! and I love looking through cookbooks too! This pile on my bedroom desk are some I got for Christmas....I think I got six new books to read and 2 cook book and a cute book from my mom called Dates On a Dime, sounds interesting! I also got and oldie but a goodie called Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymballa...I'm looking forward to reading it over the Winter to gain a Fresh Fire for God! I tend to read in spurts, depends if I'm in the mood for a good romance, or something new on parenting (although I think I know all there is to know's just putting it into practice that's the problem!) ha or perusing a good cook book for new recipes to try!!
PICTURES....the are my biggest weakness.....I do NOT scrapbook. I tried it once and could not bare to hear my friends say "I'm only behind 2 years now in my scrapbook!" If I did scrapbook I'd be a decade behind!! ha So I do buy photo albums in doubles usually with the easy slide in sleeves with little side margins to record the date or something about it....although I am years behind in doing THAT! so here on this book shelf are 4 packages of developed photos (and let's just say that's a trip in itself to go unload 400+ photos at the store....I'm always on the watch for .10 cent deals then) and now......the camera shows 477 pictures in it now.....I'm always able to condense that by 1/4 since I take alot of food or my kids are playing around with the camera....Gotta love digital! ERASE! So I'll go out in this next few weeks hopefully and get what's in the camera out and pick up several photo albums.....hey at least that way I have matching albums for that year! ha

And last but NOT the least...(I wish) the packing away of CHRISTMAS!! iyiyi this year I said there's too many boxes.....You know how it goes each year you don't put something out or you buy something new and you don't take great care in putting it away orderly! well this is the year I'm going to condense, pitch and reorganize this "stuff!" I'm on track with this project since it's all just come down but when I go into the storage room and see this pile I say "OH I think I'll do some laundry first or vacuum upstairs.......SOUP that sounds good today, I'll make soup!" ha Luckily Mike helps me on this job so we should have this one wrapped up soon.......
So.....Winter has many things for me to do, but I feel like my kids "I'm bored!" OR" There's nothing to do!" OH REALLY? Go read your January post again girl! So.....I'll work on it slow but sure.....I'll enjoy reading the most but I don't' think I take time during the day to read as often because I think I'll get sleepy! haha
Hope this Winter finds you all well......With lots to do and MOTIVATION TO DO IT! haha

Friday, January 1, 2010

Throughout the year!

This year has had it's ups and downs like any year.....but the blessings sure continued to flow! We are so blessed to have three healthy and active kids!
Grace loved playing soccer for the first time this year and we sure enjoyed her spunk and drive in the game.....she ran the wrong way the first game and that made for great laughs! She's a spunky little chick, with a passion for all she does!

Jordan took drivers training, yikes! It makes me panic sometimes that he will be 16 in 6 "short" months! It's impossible to imagine he might be off to college and away from home in just a few years....but I'll savor the time for now! He has a very caring and giving spirit, he loves to help people! he's also very witty and has a great sense of humor! We are so proud of him and he has a passion for the Lord that we are excited to see grow!
It was a treat to have my 89 year old Grandma home in Michigan this Christmas! She turned 89 in mid December and it was so much fun to share her Birthday with her! She's a classy gal and has remained that way all her life! My kids just adore her, she taught Macy how to knit this year and she is known for her "cup of tea" every morning! My uncle goes to her place every morning and walks her to breakfast at the facility she lives in and they carry her pot of tea she likes over to the breakfast room! She loves the Lord and has been a true example of being Faithful to the Lord with her life and her prayers! I know my mom has enjoyed having her here this Winter!
Macy started Jr. High this year, it was a quite a jump from "childhood" so to speak. She's matured so much this year and grown in her spiritual life too! She has such a quiet and sweet spirit, I envy that in her! She reads and reads and reads.....I'm so glad she loves to read! I enjoy curling up with her on the couch and sitting quietly reading with her! She started playing the Clarinet and is getting to sound less and less like Squid word from Sponge Bob she said! haha She's has a heart for prayer and will pray for any prayer need she hears about!

Mike and I still plug away at this "parenting" sure has it's challenges and we've sat many times together stumped and saying "how do we handle this?" Mike has such a giving spirit and loves to help others. I can see where my kids get a mix of their character traits from us both....We have been truly blessed this year and pray 2010 will be another great year of giving and praying and learning! Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!