Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer lovin....

School is out and we're lovin it already!! The weather has been very rainy this week though so we're missing being in the pool but we needed rain (maybe not this much at once! poor farmers!) We had piano recital a few weekends ago and as always I was a proud mama....Makes me so glad that Mike's mom gave us the love for piano music and all three of our kids play...Jordan has played since he was in First Grade and will be a Sr. next Fall....I love watching him at the piano..I think his playing is a stress reliever to him sometimes! The piece he played at the recital was HARD and he worked since last September on it...he did great! The girls did great as well!

Father's day it was gorgeous outside so we had a pizza party outdoors and some people went swimming!! Here's my hubby.... THEEE best daddy to our three kiddos I could ever ask for!! He had a nice day of being celebrated....Thankful for him and the great daddy that he is!!

I dropped this gal off to church camp for the week last Monday...I'll be picking her up tomorrow morning and knowing her she will talk a million miles an hour to fill me in on all the GREAT stuff she did all week! She was learning more about lovin Jesus too so I always love that!! This camp is a super fun time and you have to have completed 3rd. grade to go...this is Grace's 2nd. yr. to go and it was Macy's first year not being able to go (I think Grace was sorta glad about that!! haha) I miss her..things are quiet with just a 17 & 13 yr. old home!! Grace usually keeps us in stitches so I look forward to her stories!! AND I JUST KNOW she hasn't brushed her hair all week...she hates brushing it!! haha I keep my expectations low!

This guy is working lots of hours at the Pool shop testing people's pool water and lots of other stuff, and then after work he goes out with our cousin to install pool liners or do pool openings! We never see him before 10 p.m. and so it was great to spend all day Sunday with him for Father's day...He treated Mike to a movie that night and they had a great time!! He's growing up and we miss him but we know it's just the beginning of his Independence! He's a great kid and we're so proud of him! he works hard and we love him so much!!! And this girl below was soooo happy 7th grade ended!! she is a SUMMER LOVER mainly for the late nights and late mornings!! We enjoy staying up late watching The Waltons and she reads reads reads....she has already read 2 FULL Chapter books this week alone...We had a great shopping trip yesterday while Grace was gone and it was so fun watching her pick things out and primp and choose jewelry etc. She is such a sweetie and so into "clothes" and the like right now....Her hair is always "just so" and it reminds me so much of myself at her age and I often think of my parents and the rolling of the eyes at the crazy outfits I came up with! SO we are just enjoyin the Summer already....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the late nights especially, reading leisurely by the pool and grillin up a hot dog for lunch...ENJOY your Summer all!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday and Summer temps!!

Well....we've had a full and fun May and part of June!!! On May 11th. I had my Birthday and as asked for I got a super long Gold Finch feeder and 12 lbs. of seed!! The Goldfinches are so cute to watch...the seed is a tiny little black seed and the devour it! we are noticing as it gets hotter out that they don't come as often, perhaps because they are finding real food in nature one of my friends suggested! We always have fun at our family Birthday parties and laughter rings through out!!

It's also our Anniversary in May...this year 22 yrs. of wedded bliss!!! My standing "JOKE"....."It's been the best 10 yrs. of my life!" haha Really though, I am blessed beyond any life I could have imagined for myself!! and Mike surprised me with: TICKETS TO A TONY BENNETT CONCERT IN AUGUST!!! My mom always describes me as an old soul, since I love old music and Tony is at the top of the charts for me!!! He does not do concerts in the North very often and as a matter of fact he hasn't been in this area for a decade or more so I'm very very very excited....Macy and I already discuss what I'll wear...something black and with sequins she says since I'm in row 15 main floor!!! can't wait!!!

This precious boy turned 17 this May!! He continues to be the joy of my life!! my "boy" only boy!! He got a real job this yr. at a Pool shop and he also helps open pools after store hours...He is a hard worker (he started working for my dad doing lawns years ago and that work ethic paid off!) We MISS him when he's gone working so often...he is busy with track conditioning and just teenage "stuff!" I suppose this is to prepare him for real life...when he doesn't live with his mama and daddy anymore....but I'll think about that another day and take the days I get!! We are able to sneak off to a local Cafe' sometimes and he LOVES it there so I can always talk him into it!! He's a delight to talk to one on one and he is so funny!!! He will be a Senior in the the time has flown and we are so proud of the turn out!!

This little dolly, Macy turned 13 last week! It's been her dream to have a surprise party all her life and so some of her friends had that idea...So we hosted it at our house and MAN OH MAN WAS SHE SURPRISED..I haven't download the photos from her reaction yet (of course we had to switch out memory cards during the party! ha) She had a blast that night with a few friends spending the night! We had a family party separately and she got so many cute things...A monogrammed bag we got her with the word: BABYSITTER on it! She will begin her babysitting career this Summer ...she is anxiously awaiting that first call for a sitter! haha We got her an IPOD and she's had it stuck to her ears since the minute she got it....We bought it from a friend whose daughter wanted to upgrade hers so it was loaded with tons of great music...she LOVES it!! She is a delight and I envy her sweet spirit!!! She makeup on the morning of her Birthday...I was hesitant because...Macy isn't so fast on getting ready in the morning so I knew it would add to the "time" but she's been fine and looks very natural thankfully!

We're enjoying Summer temps and the pool and bike riding! We tried a bike trail about 15 miles from here and it was a hot hot day but fun.....there's a cool wood bridge to bike over (which I have to say...for Macy and I was kind of high and it was a little daunting to ride over the long bridge on a bike without feeling a bit whoozy but we did it...well Macy WALKED her bike! ha) We love being outside, grilling burgers, making s'mores on the grill, swimming of course and just hanging out!! School is soon out and we are READY to relax!!!! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Summer!!!