Saturday, August 15, 2009

So long.....for now!

To my bloggy friends....I've decided to break away from "blogging" for a few hasn't worked out to keep up with it regularly in a way I'd like it too! I don't cook a whole lot of "new" things and there are SOOO many cool blogs and websites for food and cooking and homemaking out there for y'all to read! (part of the reason I don't take time becuase I'm busy reading theirs! ha)
So thanks for checking me out......for all your lovely comments! I hope you enjoy reading some of the great blogs at the right of my page......that's just a few of the great ones out there....I'm sure you all know of more!! long and farewell.......I did bake a blueberry pie today...but y'all know how to do that! haha Chow bellas!