Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer's end....

Well Summer is ending...and I haven't kept my blog up very well this Summer...I like to do it for my own memories but we've been having so much fun this Summer!! The biggest surprise for me was Mike giving me tickets to a Tony Bennett concert! My mom always said I was an old soul when it comes to music!! and I am...he's one of my favorite singers and it was an absolute treat to see him live!! It was just about an hour away at an old theatre that is so fantastic to look at...The Fox theatre....He was amazing and despite his age he can still crank out the hits, wow!! I loved every minute of it!! Cross that off my bucket list!! The best story that goes with this gig was right after I opened the tickets I was so excited so I texted my sweet friend Leanne and told her and she wrote back and said....THAT'S SO GREAT!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU...who is Tony Bennett!!???? hahahaha love her!

Mike has been getting healthy this Summer...I'm so proud of him! he's lost almost 20 lbs. He did a 24 day challenge (see here for more info ) with a product we love and he started walking on the treadmill every other day and he does Jillian Michael's circuit training DVD every other day he doesn't walk. He began to run part of his walking time and at Family camp this Summer he ran the 5K they do there as well as a midnight run locally (which was actually at 9 p.m. but it was dark!) he did a great job and we were so our family camp Grace ran/walked it and Jordan walked it to since he was on a running restriction! it was fun!

Family camp as always, was a blast! it's so spiritually refreshing to hear people who love and serve the Lord speak about that...teach how to do that better and singing in that great big tabernacle with the outdoors wafting in...incredible! my kids LOVE going to camp...the older ones get great spiritual challenges for their age groups and Grace has a ball learning about God's word from a couple that comes to camp each year and they have the most fun and crazy ways to teach the kids about God's love!! LOVE IT! Here's Jordan telling Grace was a great job she did in the race!! love this!! a snippet of "sibling love!" :)

Somehow...this sweet baby boy of mine grew up to be a Senior in high school! how this happened so fast I'll never know did! He has enough credits in high school so he was fortunate enough to get FREE tuition to our local community college...we just had to pay for books! he is LOVING it there and I'm thankful since he will also attend there his first year out of high school! (whew we don't have to send him off to college just yet....) He worked hard all Summer for our cousin and his pool business, he liked working alot but he realized a "taste" of the working world takes up your free time! haha he's a hard worker and we're proud of him! He is running Cross Country this Fall thankfully, after a running injury over the Summer. He did Physical Therapy over the Summer and is back in the races now thankfully!

We had a friend take Jordan's Sr. pictures...he's such an outdoor kid that we wanted outdoor photos of him. We did some at the beach that were great and some at his high school. This was one I loved of him on the track...I can see that toddler face still, asking me if he can watch Toy Story again for the 3rd. time that week!! Oh how the time does go!! He loves the Lord, he strives to serve Jesus and we couldn't ask for better than that! He is has a strong will (see I knew when he had that at a young age and drove me crazy it would be a strength one day hahaha) and has strong ideas about what he wants to do in life as a young adult....

This I love....we haven't had a family photo in so long...I love was part of the Sr. photo shoot...we're grateful for our sweet friend taking the photos and doing such a beautiful job!! We're back to school now and I'm SOOO tired! haha I fell asleep Thursday night at 8:40....I'll get back into the swing of things!

I clean two houses, one every two weeks, one every three weeks so that will start next week. I help set up at our Ladies Bible Study, help teach on Weds. night 1-5ht gr. at church and I love getting my own kids where they need to be...It's a tiresome job at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!! it's almost here!