Monday, May 31, 2010

Give aways......

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday to Jordan......

Well today's the big day, we head up to the Secretary of State's office so Jordan can get his driver's license today! He is 16 today! yikes.......Time flies when you're having fun? Where has the time gone? It's almost a blur to me yet I have so many great memories......
When I was 37 weeks pregnant with Jordan I had an appointment about an hour from home to try turning him from outside the belly because he was breech.....well that very unpleasant appointment put me into labor and I begged to be driven back home to deliver there......they allowed it and our insurance covered that ride since I had to go by ambulance. I remember being so scared knowing I was facing a C Section yet very peaceful and I was singing "There's a Sweet Sweet Spirit in this Place" and I'm sure the attendant could hear! Late late that night he was born and crying out for mama.......Mike was just a GEEK because he was so spaz, and nervous.....There's video of him talking to our parents just before Jordan was born and he is just a makes me laugh especially the way our parents are looking at him.......Like smirking slightly.......He was a proud daddy and a bit woozy too during the surgery.....I did NOT enjoy having that surgery but the result was well worth it!
We stayed in the hospital a few days since it was a C Section and the day we were to go home I felt horrible......I had been on Morphine for pain and it made me very ill and I just wanted to get in the van and go straight was a 25 minute drive or so and we are getting wheeled out and there's Mike standing by a BIT OLE WHITE LIMO........Now I know some of you are going " sweet" Well I just groaned and it was as bad as I thought........this little baby is next to us screaming his little head off, both sets of parents are ahead of us in their cars, the driver is talking to Mike on and on and asking if we need to stop to do something for the baby and I'm bugging my eyes out at Mike and he says "No getting home would be best!" haha we pull up and it takes me 15 mins. to walk 4 steps because of my own pain, Jordan is screaming, my mom is rifling through the diaper bag for the tiny little bottles, it's 90 degrees outside and we have no A/C at the house we're going to.........and I did NOT appreciate the Limo drive at all.....Poor Mike, but I didn't let on until years it's so funny to remind him about that miserable ride! ha
Anyhow.......the bond I developed with Jordan was amazing.....he was the delight of my life and Mikes and his grandparents and all of our friends. We were the first in our group of friends, many single that had a child so we had many friends over that did baby duty...even diapers! ha
Today I thought about a time when Jordan was about 4 and Toy Story was his THING let me tell you...he walked about with his Woody Doll and Buzz everywhere.....we have him on video standing at a wall with a cowboy hat on singing "You've Got a Friend in Me........" unreal to me now and I could weep thinking about that......he had a speech problem then too and couldn't say his "s or z" properly it came out "eth" and "thee" love it!
Over the years he's gotten kicked out of Sunday School for hitting too much, read the most books in 3rd. grade, was President of National Honor society, accepted the Student leader of the year award, led a friend to Christ, and is a wonderful Godly young man full of character and integrity......His daddy has been a great model of treating people better than yourself!
Jordan I love you, and adore you, I already miss you because I know before I know it you're heading out into life to do great things.......Always walk with God and Do Hard Things!! I love you, I'm proud of you, I like you so much, and am proud you're such a great human being!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

21 years ago......

21Years ago today I married my precious wonderful sweet Mike.....We got married at 5:00 on a Friday night and the weather was just like today....gorgeous and sunny! We had 18 people in our wedding party.....and we had a blast! We had a wonderful wedding, better than I could have dreamed! Gone With the Wind was the style around that time and boy did we have that style! ha I wanted my dress to rival Cinderella's and I think I was could not have gotten another ruffle on it! ha and the train oh the luscious long train......I loved it!
Our wedding colors were pink and light plum.....the guys wore dusty rose jackets and the best man wore a darker plum jacket...(the guys were not thrilled at these lovely colors, I don't know why! ha)
We had alot of fun.......Mike surprised me with a Horse and Carriage awaiting us to drive us about half a mile to our reception place! I just stood there staring at that carriage and laughed hysterically for five full was such a surprise and everyone had as much fun seeing my reaction as Mike arranging it! So Cinderella indeed......

The funniest part about our honeymoon (which then was NOT funny) was arriving in the Poconos for a lovely honeymoon package we purchased......Well we drove up to it and it was run down, and they gave us the key and on the way to the room (you drove around to it) the pools were empty and green.....the lawns long and the room.......IYIYI BUGS........That's all I can Mike directed me to call my dad and see if he could arrange for us to head on to Florida the next day to Orlando and he was heading to the desk to CHECK US OUT! So......I call home and as soon as my dad answered I started SOBBING and could barely squeak out a imagine my dad's reaction.....He doesn't know what's up and he is constantly saying "Where's Mike? Where's Mike?" (I'm not sure what he thought) ha so long story short.....we got a refund, spent the night in town and drove a million hours it seemed to Florida and had the time of our LIVES......Disney was so much fun!

Every year has gotten sweeter and sweeter (thankfully haha) and I can truly say Mike is my best bud.....We laugh and laugh, we've cried, we're raising these ungrateful kids together...that merits dinner out in itself, and he is truly a man of God......he lives to do anything for anyone.....His heart is on his sleeve for the taking and I'm one LUCKY and blessed chick!! Here's to 50 more years with that wonderful man .....(well maybe not 50....but who knows we could live to a ripe old age! ha)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Women's Daybook....

Outside my window...It's raining and blowing so I'm embracing it and lighting candles, I made a pot of green peach tea and put my hanging flowers out in the rain!

I am thinking...about a reception I'm helping with this Sunday and trying not to worry that I won't do a good job decorating or having ENOUGH food!

I am thankful for...a husband who really loves his wife and comes home everyday and "lives" it!

From the learning rooms...reading reading reading!

From the kitchen...Grilled fish, baked potatoes and squash!

I am wearing...Black track pants, gray and pink long sleeved t shirt, black vest.

I am creating...PHOTO ALBUMS....blah, not my favorite job but I'm getting at it TODAY! we take alot of pictures in Spring since we have alot of Birthday's in Spring so more will be coming in!

I am maybe make a fire and put in a movie and get at the photo albums!

I am reading...Loving Your Teen (*smile*)

I am hoping...that it's a GORGEOUS sunny day tomorrow night for a friend's wedding!!

I am hearing...rain falling against the windows!

Around the house...LAUNDRY LAUNDRY AND MORE LAUNDRY clean in baskets calling to........MY CHILDREN! ha

One of my favorite things...the weekends with Mike and the kids!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Doing some BIG shopping for the food for the reception Sunday night I'm helping with (thankfully Mike's working home so he's helping unload it!), going to our dear friend's wedding Friday night, celebrating my b day (again ha) with Mike's aunt, and laying around alot reading I hope!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Heading to watch Singing In the Rain while I sort photos.......what a great day for it since it's raining and will be most of the day!!! I LOVE old movies.....they give me that warm fuzzy feeling, they are wholesome and usually funny! Have a GREAT weekend all my good friends!! (I hope you had your speakers on to enjoy this song from Gene Kelly.......a little trivia: did you know Gene Kelly had a 104* temp while doing this famous rain song?)

Go over here and work out your own fun's always surprising to me how good my days really are after I write it out! ha

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a weekend!

What a great Mother's Day and Birthday weekend I had! Today is actually my Birthday but we always celebrate with extended family the Sunday before or after so it was Mother's Day this yr. for celebrating!
Friday night Mike had surprised me with tickets to Disney's Beauty and the Beast at our local theatre and it was AWESOME I just loved it.....the girls loved it too and Grace leaned over to me during the show and said "tell dad thanks for the tickets....I love this show!" Awe.....My friend was the wardrobe and her kids were in it as well......

We decided to celebrate Mother's Day breakfast on Saturday because Sunday's tend to be a bit hectic getting ready for church. They brought me a delicious fruit salad and orange juice to start and then this delicious Spinach Quiche and hot Peach tea! Grace joined me in bed for a while and we enjoyed snugglin!! We spent the rest of the day relaxing, I even took a bubble bath and read a book for a long was great!

Saturday night my best buddies took me out to dinner to the cutest place called the was SO charming! I wish I had a picture of the inside of it...there was a Christmas tree up all decorated in pinks and crystal ornaments and just charming stuff all over the PLACE!! I had THEEEE best Peach/Berry Crumb pie EVAH!!! oh man.......was it divine I wish I had a piece RIGHT NOW! ha
Mother's day was full of sunshine and flowers and hugs and kisses.....I loved the entire day!!! The kids did so many things to make it special. Macy did some decorating that was something out of Martha Stewarts was gorgeous! she did all white decorations and sprinkled colored buttons down the table and clipped a great big bouquet of Lilacs off our bushes! It was lovely......Jordan made Bruschetta and Grace was busy coloring Mother's day pictures.......Mike grilled my favorite burgers and Macy made a delectable Chocolate Trifle! mmmm goodness!

I got so many GREAT things for my Birthday: Hanging flowers, gift cards to the flower market (oooh lala), cashola, g. cards, a new lounge chair, awesome canisters......and more! I was one blessed gal.....I'm so thankful for another great year and SO VERY VERY BLESSED!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Daybook......

Outside my window...Gorgeous sunshine and blue skies and the trees are coming to life and looking so beautiful!

I am thinking...about all the cleaning I did today and hoping I'm not going to be too tired before I can go to BED! haha

I am thankful for...looking around my home, at my kids, at Mike and thinking "this is the dream!"

From the learning rooms...everyone is just reading alot!

From the kitchen...haha Gourmet meal tonight.....Raisin bread french toast and fruit!

I am track pants and a white t-shirt.

I am creating...a reception for one of our Youth Pastors who is being ordained in a few weeks! fun!

I am the flower market with Mike and the girls because they want me to choose some colors of flowers I'd enjoy getting for Mother's day...ya know you've come full circle when YOU get to choose! ha although I still love a paper cup flower pot!

I am reading...a Debbie Macomber book

I am get in a nice long walk soon

I am hearing...sounds of birdies outside!

Around the house...CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN....I cleaned from 10:30-4:00 on and off....did laundry too but I'm going give a child the privilege of putting that away later! ha

One of my favorite things...Mother's day Birthday is 2 days after so I have so much fun celebrating the entire weekend and week!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Friday night Mike's taking the girls and I to Beauty and Beast here at our local theatre, Sat. night some girlfriends and I are going out to a new Tearoom to celebrate my Birthday, and Sat. Mike and my dad are grilling for Mother's day and we're also having my Birthday party with family....there will be 16 of us here! so it's going to be a fun and full weekend.....OH and I have nothing to do Sat. morning so it's sleeping in! yay!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...My mamma on her Birthday last month! What a great and Godly mom she is....I don't know what I'd do without her....Have I ever told you all she and my dad have watched our kids EVERY Friday night since Jordan was born and he will be 16 soon....she knows it takes Date nights and time away from home to make a marriage good and a tired mom refreshed! She is TRULY a Proverbs 31 Mamma!!

Go on over to Simple Women's day book here and join the fun!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


BAHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHAAAA (Macy entertaining herself!)