Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well it's been FOREVER since I posted on here...I have been baking/cooking but just haven't made anything that good perhaps! haha I was soooo sick for 2 weeks in December that we did all our yummy Christmas cookies after Christmas...we had New Years Sugar cookies! haha they were yummy...still a few favorites we plan to make!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! My brother moved to another state just before New Years...we were sad but he has a job transfer so we're happy if he is! but we miss he and my nephew so much!!'

We had a fun Gingerbread making party...here's Macy my sweet teenager displaying her "house"...the kids also acted out the Nativity story and it was so sweet and such a celebration of our Saviors birth...Mike and I always smile at the delight Christmas brings and the fun and love that overflows...we are so blessed!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yummy recipe!!


Here is a really yummy recipe for pumpkin bread! I add Walnuts and raisins and I use half brown sugar and white since I like that taste!! AND I split it between two loaves not three like it says!