Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting cleaned up....

The girls were at church camp all last week so I had plans to get some things re-organized and cleaned up.......started with this door. You can see the large bulletin board, it had a big poster of the times tables on it for Grace so I decided to take that off and actually have it to use for things more productive. (When I took the poster down I wasn't sure where to hang it so I got thinking that Grace sleeps in a bottom bunk so I put it between the slats of the top bunk so when she lays in bed she's staring straight at it and she needs to work on them for 4th grade anyhow....she was thrilled to see it and I've heard her repeating some! YAY!). ....ANYHOW....I also took down a nasty old stained up dry erase board and got a new one that has a corked edge so you can pin stuff to the edge...... ....see the cool cork edge......and the magnets are the DAYS OF THE WEEK love that....Target $4.99 for the magnets...they are rubber and so cool....the bulletin bd. was $12.99...not bad for a whole new clean slate so to speak...... Also to the right of the door you can see a silver mesh mounted letter holder for mail or file folders etc. I am always stuffing the calendar full of mail or reminders so I got that instead and I love it! also Target!! In total it was about a $35 project and well worth it!!
Also I replace a nasty old looking marked up chore chart (somehow there were always smudge marks on certain jobs and someone would say "I couldn't read it so I didn't know what to do!" ha really.....what's that old phrase "was I born yesterday??" ha) So when I was getting the new marker board I came across this actual Chore Chart at Target for $7.99....I was going to get individual small boards for each kid but I got this and used the days of the week for each chore instead of how they instruct you to use it........Of all the things I cleaned and sorted and re-did this was the kids favorite........NOT!

I found black sparkly stickers and made all new tags for the containers of crayons, markers etc. I had to get creative with some words since you only had so many letters to work with....haha you can click on the photo to enlarge it if you really want to see! I put the letters on colored card stock and then taped them on with packaging tape so it went over the entire card and letters! It took FOREVER to do this job but I did it in front of tv. so it wasn't too bad! Amazing how simply relabeling enticed the kids to use things they haven't touched in ages!!! go figure!

BUT before you are to impressed (I'm just assuming you are...hey I was impressed with myself...I enjoyed some peace and quiet and read alot and swam while they were away but I WAS very productive before you're too impressed don't be......I am now weeding through this pile of doll clothes........looks like a movie's worth of sorting I'll be back with results another day perhaps.........Are you doing "Spring cleaning" in Summer.....My friend Leanne is going at her laundry's amazing check this out here to see what's she's doing.....apparently this pile of hers has grown and I told her to re post a new photo...I think people will be so impressed but she said no way! haha She's doing an awesome job, I told her if that's all she does ALL SUMMER that's an accomplishment in itself....6 kids and 2 parents worth of clothes to sort........IYIYI Be sure if you go to Leanne's blog to refresh the page and read her lovely post about her son Patrick's baptism yesterday....I missed it because we were stuck in a storm at my cousin's open house so I'm glad she posted!! Proud of that young man!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My day so far........

FOR TODAY Outside my window...Sunshine and lots of it!! so happy about that!

I am thinking...about getting some morning cleaning done so I can thoroughly enjoy the day with my kidlets outside by the pool!

I am thankful hubby who is the BEST daddy ever and we're so happy to celebrate him tomorrow and for my dad who is the greatest!

From the learning rooms...LOTS of reading over the summer!

From the kitchen...2 fried eggs, 1 pc. of buttered toast and one piece with 3 berry jam, sliced bananas with fresh raspberries on them! MMM was it yummy!

I am wearing...shorts and one of Mike's t shirts I wore to bed

I am creating...a cleaner house hopefully!

I am get vacuuming and putting away laundry, not my favorite job!

I am reading...catching up on the MANY magazines I have that I've ignored

I am day's work goes fast and we have the best day EVAH!!

I am hearing...DVD of I Love Lucy!

Around the house...Getting ready to host Father's day lunch tomorrow and Mike finishing putting a new roof on our Sun porch

One of my favorite things...SUMMER VACATION WITH MY FAMILY!

A few plans for the rest of the week: So excited to go see Toy Story 3 late afternoon with Mike's aunt, Father's day lunch tomorrow with family and lots of sun/pool/and chalk drawing!!! Our dog is having surgery on Weds. to have a LARGE bladder stone removed and we're so blessed that my cleaning job covers the cost exactly and besides the cost of NOT having a sick dog....Priceless, I've had it with her sickness and messes! ha

Here is picture for thought I am sharing.....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE GREAT FATHER'S IN MY LIFE!! I'M SO BLESSED! Go and make your own Daybook fun here!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strictly for your entertainment.....

Ok so this is strictly for your entertainment, because it was NOT funny to me at the time......however whenever I relay the story, my friends think it's hysterical!
So......I am in Kohl's, a local department store a few weeks ago trying on clothes and trying to find a DRESS.....I do not really like dresses so much but this was a casual dress that was almost like a Camp shirt style dress that buttons up the front like a blouse with a belt on it. It was cute and simple and could be dressed up or down so I think, hmmm I'll give it a shot......So I'm in the fitting room and I'm thinking why take my jeans off all the way......I'll just drop them down to my feet and try the dress I do that.
I pulled the dress up over my legs and proceed to push both arms into the 3/4 length sleeves....well I tend to have bigger arms in the sleeve area (despite all those triceps work outs..... still jiggly!) I get the sleeves part way up and I'm thinking "hmm they feel kind of snug......" but there are buttons at the sleeves so I think, I'll just unbutton them. So I pull it all the way on and button it and it's TOOOO tight in the sleeves.....So I reach for the button on the sleeve and they are DECORATIVE! So I decide I can't get this dress even though I liked it the sleeves can't be I unbutton it and guess what? I cannot budge the sleeves off because as I'm pulling my arms it's moving up and getting tighter.
Now this goes on for at least 10 minutes, I'm not kidding here......and because I have both arms caught I cannot get a hand up to slip my finger in and pull it down and the more I'm trying to reach the back of the dress and pull it down my arms pull it tighter.
So I stand there.....looking at myself with my jeans at my ankles and the dress is flung wide because now it's unbutton all the way to my belly and it's so tight so my bra is right out there and I'm realizing I'm going to HAVE TO CALL SOMEONE IN TO HELP ME........and I look myself over again, a red hot clammy feeling comes over me in a panic.....realizing whoever comes in is going to have to practically rip the sleeves down, my bra is right out there, and the jeans.....yep around my ankles belt and I pray really quick and just do this wriggling dancy stretching ready to rip the dress and pay for it anyhow stretch and VOILA one arm comes I finally wriggle out of it, it didn't rip and I had to sit down and breath a minute.
As I said this was not funny at the time at all, I'm telling you I had those red marks for DAYS people....when I showed Mike he couldn't believe it! But it's another thing to justify Mike comparing me to Lucy Ricardo!
(p.s. Yes this is me with craft lights in my hair...I bought them for a mini Christmas tree and the girls put them in my hair and said "mom you like everything that's sparkly now your hair can be too!" haha)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Onion rings!

We love onion rings, just not the fat they pile on! So in searching for a great baked recipe I found one to try and this was a really good recipe and really satisfied that fast food flavor!
3 med./large onions, sliced and broken into rings
2 eggs beaten
1 C. bread crumbs
1/2 ts. salt
1/4 ts. pepper
1/4 ts. paprika
Slice onions and break into rings, soak onions in cold water for 30 mins. (or more if you need to be gone), drain and dry well.
Beat eggs and place into bowl for dipping. Place bread crumbs, salt, pepper and paprika into shallow dish (I use a pie plate). Dip onions into egg mixture and then into bread crumb mixture. Place on sprayed baking sheets. Lightly spray tops of dipped onion rings on baking sheet and bake 20 mins. in 400* oven.
Serve these up with a juicy burger off the grill and a yummy salad or some sauteed mushrooms! mmm great summer meal!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Macy's Birthday!

Yesterday June 7th was Macy's 12th. Birthday! Where has the time gone? She is such a delight......I remember being so "upset" she was moving on to 6th. Grade and now it's nearly over...... She mainly asked for money when family asked what she wanted for her Birthday and she got plenty of it......she's starting to enjoy "shopping" and fashion a bit more this year.....I don't think I can allow the girl to have another pair of flip flops and with saying that I bought her TWO pair for her Birthday......guess I can't complain then! ha
She's always so smiley and gracious when she gets a gift......that makes it fun to give to her!! she had big smiles when CASH fell out of a card!! and everyone would laugh!!

Jordan and Grace were very thought-filled and clever with their gifts. Grace bought a wallet at Aeropostle for Macy but she made a card to go with it and printed up a coupon she created for making Macy's bed for a WEEK! and Jordan got her favorite gum and a card with a coupon in it to take her to Arby's for lunch on him....her favorite fast food! so I thought that was kind of nice!!
We had a lot of fun at her party, she chose a Hawaiian theme and we left some of it up since she's having a friend Birthday/pool party this Saturday!! Another great day for another great kid!!!
(p.s. the song is for Macy...haha she digs it ya know?)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Daybook.......

For today: A bit of rain, some sunshine and summer is coming in with a green and gorgous floral bang! 9 more days of school.......yay!!

I am thinking...about what a hard week Mike has had with his Grandpa in and out of the hospital and helping make decisions as to where it's best for him to be staying right now...aging isn't so easy!

I am thankful for...feeling better, I was sick in bed for a few days with a sinus infection and cold....went to the Dr. finally and am feeling on the mend!

From the learning rooms...the girls are scrambling to read to put in their last points for accelerated reader at school!

From the kitchen...Roast with sweet red gravy, potatoes, corn and berry chocolate shortcakes!

I am wearing...PJ pants, and a snoopy t shirt

I am creating...some Birthday party ideas for Macy's upcoming 12th Birthday party next weekend!

I am soak in a hot bubble bath and read!

I am reading...Susanna's Garden, by Debbie Macomber

I am feel 100% energy back tomorrow, and get back into my exercise routine and home routine!

I am hearing...The Muppet Show, DVDs I got for Christmas, what a good old show that is, Grace is laughing and laughing! music to my ears!

Around the house...It's in pretty good shape since I've been home so much this week and everyone pitched in and I was able to clean alot yesterday!

One of my favorite things...My new Miles Davis CD I ordered off Amazon ....used of course! Miles is one of Cliff Huxtables fav's ya know? ha such sweet mama says "this music puts me to sleep!" haha but I say pop it in at dinner with 5 of us at the table....ahh Then she said "now that I could handle!" ha

A few plans for the rest of the week: Sunday we're actually home and resting.....imagine that! Monday we're having all of our family over for MACY'S 12TH BIRTHDAY! She's so excited about her Birthday this yr. We do parties on their 5, 8, 10, 12 and 13th. Birthday's that way I wasn't having to throw a party every year three times a yr. so this is HER YEAR! and it's a pool party next Sat!! fun times!! She is growing up so lovely!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing. My mama also said I don't get enough pictures of the "Night in Shining Armor" on my here his favorite pose...being silly!